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Venteny Visa Prepaid Card

Enhance the loyalty towards company by providing facilities which cater to their likes.

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Key Features

Debit Card

The All-In-One VENTENY Prepaid VISA Card is powerful general purpose reloadable prepaid card that you can use for cashless payments!

Now, with VENTENY, everyone can enjoy the convenience of cash-less shopping at over 40 million VISA affiliated stores worldwide.

VENTENY All-In-One Debit VISA Card can also be used for online shopping. Anyone can now book airline tickets, grab the latest online deals or download the latest games or music!

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Perks and Discounts

Avail perks & discounts from 100’s of partner merchants! Get the best deals from up to 60% off on discounts!

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Instant Loan

Get instant cash. Low interest rate! 24hr apporval!

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Corporate Partners

Corporate partners

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We all know that excellent work and employees deserve to be recognized.

So we'll help you make meaningful recognition easy to give. It's that simple.

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