Corporate Services

Venteny is providing you with services that will suit your company's employee engagement needs.

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VENTENY Access Card

Promote employee engagement by providing your employees with tremendous and exciting perks and privilages!

Key Features:
  • perks Discount
  • access to online cash loan
  • points conversion (soon)
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Empower your employees with convenience in paying online and offline through our prepaid VISA Card. Enjoy a triple treat of perks and discounts from VENTENY, VISA and Metrobank.

Key Features:
  • perks & discount
  • access to online cash loan
  • reload & pay cashless
  • receive & withdraw money
  • payments terms up to 90 days
  • points conversion (soon)
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V- Benefits

Reward your employees with points and give them option to convert paid leave into points, exchangeable of items in the marketplace, pay bills or top up load credits.

Key Features:
  • reward kudos points
  • convert paid leaves
  • exciting marketplace
  • pay bills
  • top up
  • automate data compilation
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Secure your employee's financial stability by providing a 24-hour online emergency cash loan facility.

Key Features:
  • 24-hour processing
  • lower interest rate
  • no processing fee
  • P5,000 - P30,000 loanable amount
  • payments terms up to 90 days
  • about 98% of the applications has been qualified.
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