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Recognize, Convert, Reward!

V-Benefits simply elevates your day to day office encounters to a new level of enthusiasm and productivity.

Employees are guaranteed an option to convert their paid leaves into points. And every contribution or milestone, be it simple or grand, can be rewarded with Kudos points. These points are exchangeable of items in the marketplace, bills payment or top up load credits.

Our goal is to increase your business value!

  • Increase recruitment value preposition by offering benefits and flaunting the company's rewards platform
  • Automate on-boarding and leave request processes to gain easier access to information and reports, and to eliminate errors derived from manual processes
  • Convert leave credits into points to maximize use of leave credits and to increase the financial capacity of employees
  • Motivate employees by recognizing achievement and rewarding kudos points
  • Improve employee engagement through personalized messaging
  • Promote awareness and inclusivity through widespread information dissemination
  • Boost employee morale by recognizing individual efforts in a public forum
  • Full consumption of benefits or entitlements before completing the company's separation process
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