About I-YOGA

With the onset of stress-related diseases and increased mortality brought about by today’s fast-paced living, iYoga* spearheads exercise programs, wellness workshops and wellness retreats for individuals, groups and companies throughout the Metro and out of town imparting mind-body principles that inspire marked change for well-being and optimum living today.

iYoga* programs are science-based, student-centered and goal-oriented, streamlining the programs around the students’ health and fitness requirements so students come out of their sessions, workshops and retreats revived and renewed. It is beginner-friendly so anyone anywhere can begin - walking you through the programs slowly so you understand and appreciate every step and reap the benefits as any expert.

The iYoga* exercise incorporates energy-cultivation breathwork and yoga postures along with relaxation techniques that bring remarkable benefits now and long-term: detoxification, fat-burn, weight loss, enhanced immunity and strength. Increased respiration brings mental clarity and balanced emotions. Increased blood circulation brings glowing skin, a radiant vibe and sexual magnetism. Using your own body weight in the exercise, your body sculpts itself towards your ideal function and form. Other benefits are enhanced psychic ability, color detection, energy-scanning and touch-on memory. It retards aging and activates endorphins that give you youthful enthusiasm for that happy boost.

All in all, iYoga* is your life support in today’s changing times, so you enjoy life at ease and at your best, all ways.




▪ 20% off on yoga classes


▪ not applicable

Terms and Conditions

▪ valid until 31 March 2018
▪ not in conjunction with other promos
▪ bring valid ID in case of verification
▪ promo terms are subject to change without prior notice



    Galeria De Magallanes Townhouses, Lot 2, Lapu-Lapu Street, Barangay Magallanes, Makati City

    (02) 507 6151

    Sat - Sun : 9:30am - 11am