Delivering Employee Happiness

What is happiness for you? Is it money, friends, or a work-life balance?

One study found that happy employees are 20% more productive compared to unhappy ones. To add, happiness is also a factor when it comes to increasing a company’s sales up to 37%. [1]

But the question is, does your company offer enough employee benefits for you to attain that boost of productivity? And, do they promote employee happiness which can eventually lead to your satisfaction in the workplace?

In the Philippines, the most common employee issue is low workplace productivity which can lead to the decrease on the company’s sales and credibility. 

According to a survey from Employee Connect, 41% of employees felt that lack of family assistance in the workplace is the main cause of their low productivity. And, 62% stated that they would easily leave their jobs if they were offered a role that will provide a better work-life balance. [2]  

So as an employer, how will you manage your employees’ happiness and satisfaction in the workplace? The answer is to plan and implement an employee engagement program.  

An interactive engagement program is one of the essentials in keeping employees both happy and satisfied which will eventually lead to the increase of their productivity and morale. Finding the right partner in providing employee engagement solutions is crucial for this can make or break your pool of employees.

That’s where VENTENY comes in! Our top advocacy is to provide engagement and development solutions across various industries, which aims to contribute in delivering happiness, bettering lifestyle, and enhancing culture and organizational value. 

At VENTENY, we help employees to have lifestyle benefits, financial inclusivity, and online rewards and incentives programs that would both satisfy and make employees’ experience way better.

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