Is Employee Happiness linked with Business Success?


Happy employees equal a healthy workplace and creating a culture of happiness leads to greater success for companies.

According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, employees that have purpose and feel a greater sense of engagement are greater assets to a company's future.  Happiness leads to greater productivity, less absenteeism, lower healthcare expenses and greater retention. Understanding the connection between employee happiness and productivity will allow for greater operational performance. [1] 

Most businesses are forced to reduce the rising costs of healthcare; realizing that lack of physical activity, increased incidence of obesity, bad dietary habits, cigarettes, alcohol consumption, and lack of preventive care are responsible for 75% of these costs and it is now more evident than ever.

Happiness is most often defined as someone experiencing satisfaction, contentment, enthusiasm, or interest. Increasing workplace happiness doesn't have to mean radical change or aggressiveness, but creating a work environment that foster employee feedback, honest communication, and management support.

The following strategies stated below may help to create a culture of happiness in the workplace:

  • Gather insight on the current level of employee happiness.  If you ask, they will tell. People generally like to offer their opinions and giving the opportunity, a business can learn a lot about the pulse of their company.  Seeking insight on the levels of satisfaction will generate a culture that empowers employees and produces a greater sense of engagement.

  • Seek management support and integrate happiness into worksite policies.  Often times, a minor change in dress codes and scheduling will reap significant rewards. Employees who feel that their employers recognize that work-life balance is important report greater job satisfaction.

  • Create flexible scheduling and work from home opportunities.

  • Define skill-based promotion paths to create greater control over personal careers.

  • Build in team competitions and social networking opportunities. All work and no play leads to burn-out and high turnover. Utilize a wellness team to create events that promote increased levels of physical activity through organized events during or after work. Employees who create relationships with one another are more likely to build stronger rapport and work more effectively together.

  • Utilize social media tools to create greater engagement. Social media is a great way to showcase that your company is innovative and on the cutting edge. Employees who see that their employer is willing to invest in strategies that are progressive are less likely to stimulate negativity.

  • Offer environments that encourage creativity and innovation. Humans are creatures of habit and a company's success hinges on its ability to stay on the forefront. Challenging employees to be creative allows for greater purpose and eliminates stagnant behaviors.

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