Is Employee Happiness the same as Employee Engagement?


What’s the difference between happy and engaged?

[1]  According to Forbes, a person can be happy at his/her workplace, but not “engaged.” Happiness may vary from an emotion or mood. An employee can be happy, but at the same time not productive at the workplace. 

But when someone is engaged, it means that the person is  emotionally committed to his/her company and work goals. They care about their work and its results. This motivates them to go above and beyond and to give unconditional effort for the company.

[2]  Engaged employees will truly drive your company forward and be more productive in the long run. They will also go the extra mile, rise to the challenge, and make the company look and sound good.

So, how does one become both engaged and happy? We listed down three factors that can contribute to one’s road to a happier and more engaged work attitude.

1. A meaningful vision of the future 

By involving your people in the company’s vision, you can encourage them to play their part towards driving success and meeting future goals. A team approach where collaboration is truly fostered is the way to achieve this. 

2. A sense of purpose 

Give employees a true sense of ownership of projects! A collective and cohesive attitude also has an effect on boosting loyalty to your organization.  

3.  Great relationships

With open lines of communication, good leadership, and training and mentoring opportunities, employees will thrive and this will create a strong  workplace engagement. A good manager should always know where their people are.   

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