7 Secrets to Employee Happiness

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What do you get when you combine a good leadership style, a company vision that focuses on passion and a self-motivated group of employees that collaborate efficiently? Obviously, S-U-C-C-E-S-S!

But, this combination doesn't always come easy. While you, as the captain, can control your behavior and actions, how your employees engage with the company is a different story.  

[1]  To ensure they are putting 110 percent into their job, here are the 7 secrets to maintain a fun and casual office environment that aims to build teams that succeed. 

1. Passion

Passion is the core for any productive office. It preserves excitement from one project to the next. Passion is a huge part in what makes an employee excited about the work they are doing and should be instilled in everyone -- from the leadership team, all the way down to each employee.

2. Positivity

Once you and your employees get in the habit of making each day positive, you’ll start to notice how little things no longer drag the whole team down and the spirit of the team is always elevated.

3. Feedback

Offer employees praise on a regular basis when things are done correctly. When they aren’t, offer constructive criticism in a positive way. Letting your employees know what they’ve done right (or wrong) help them gain confidence in what they are doing. Confidence equals happy employees and happy employees equals higher productivity.

4. Perks

Small perks go a long way in keeping things fun and morale high.  Try surprising your team by bringing in breakfast one morning, take your employees to an unscheduled lunch, or create a flexible schedule option to allow half the team leave an hour early on a Friday afternoon.

5. Collaboration

Create an office space that is conducive to meetings and creativity. Allow several collaboration spaces with whiteboards, tables and chairs, so it’s easy for people to work together.  Different seating arrangements can be setup for different types of meetings to take place.

For instance, walls with whiteboards for creative brainstorming and drawing, tables with chairs for reviewing documents or a comfortable seating lounge can be used for more conversation and networking to take place. By offering a collaborative environment, you ensure employees keep working as a team.

6. Sense of Ownership

Put someone in charge of each project and have him or her designate the project tasks throughout the team. Each new project can be assigned a different team leader, so that everyone has the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat. The purpose of designating leadership is to create a stronger sense of team by blurring the lines of a boss and an employee.

7. Goals

Companies with clearly defined goals allow each employee to connect what they do to the objectives of the company which gives them a sense of accomplishment and purpose.  Having a clear direction and understanding of what needs to be accomplished by each employee and collaboratively as a team, sets employees up for success.

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